Order Procedure

With the introduction of this new E-Commerce MRP site, even shops can transfer their orders directly online, with a safer and faster procedure than before.

The store must register on the site indicating the VAT number and all the data of its company, after registration all the data will be checked and if the result is positive, the store access password will be communicated.

When a registered and confirmed shop enters the site, directly displays the net purchase prices and a quantity discount is automatically applied according to the following thresholds:

Upon exceeding € 1,500, a discount of 4% is applied.

Upon exceeding 3,000 euros, a 7% discount is applied.

The transport costs are automatically calculated, and the total amount for payment is configured.

For payment you can choose between Bank Transfer or PayPal, and any additional charges for bank charges or PayPal charges are automatically applied.

If payment is immediate with PayPal the order is immediately produced, and shipped normally in 2/3 days, if the payment is by bank transfer, the order is put into production upon arrival of money at our bank, and shipped normally in 2/3 days.