1:6 BU-BIG - WHEEL 132mm Y Yellow - Fixing with 24mm Exagon - 1 Pair

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This pair of Wheels have the following use indications:

- For all track conditions the high flexibility guarantees the maximum Grip

- For all temperatures the special material guarantees the maximum stability
This pair of Wheels have the following technical features:

- Closed Wheel designed with flexible structure for maximum Grip and stability

- Wheel moulded with special material for maximum stability also at very high temperatures

The main sizes for this Wheel are:

- WHEEL fixing with exagon 24mm

- WHEEL outside diameter 132mm

- WHEEL inside diameter 126mm

- WHEEL total width 68mm
Included on this package, you have:

- 1 Pair of Wheels
This pair of Tyres as suitable for following cars:

- For all GRP Tyres of 1:6 BUGGY BIG line

- All Tyres 1:6 BUGGY BIG, from all brand